Project Description

Edible Silver

The “Edible Silver” line offers three different sizes of silver to all lovers of good food according to their own imagination and fantasy. Contact us to know our ideas and …. suggestions!!!
All the products of the “Edible” line are certified by the LGA laboratories and respond to the European regulations regarding food coloring for dishes and drinks decoration.

Silver is available in 3 different sales formats: Powder, Crumbs and Flakes

Silver Powder

Powder is the type of silver most suitable for decorating all kinds of chocolates, desserts or to enhance the sparkling lights of a Champagne flute.

Silver Crumbs

Silver Crumbs are ideal for garnishing any dishes you desire, from starters to desserts, cocktails and drinks. Let your imagination run wild.

Silver Flakes

Silver Flakes size and brightness are perfect to enrich your dishes, giving them a touch of light. Perfect for “fusion” food. Realize your creativity energy

Available Packaging

Edible Silver is sold in 0,10 gr. shakers.

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